IMA Workshop


The aim of the training at the pre-sea level is to equip pre-sea marine engineering cadets with the basic skills needed to :
  • Use appropriate tools for fabrication and repair operations typically performed on ships.
  • Use appropriate hand and machine tools and other equipment when dismantling, maintaining, repairing and re-assembling shipboard plant and equipment.
  • Use of hand tools, electrical and electronic measuring and test equipment for fault finding, maintenance and repair operations.

The safety aspect would include the safe and efficient use of equipment (including Code of Safe Working Practice, Permit to Work); inspection of the equipment; care of the equipment and selection and suitability of equipment.

The academy workshop is complete and provides the training required for pre-sea cadets as per IMO Model course requirement. The workshop house all the requirement of that of ‘A’ grade workshop as defined by the Department of Shipping and the Mercantile Marine Department. The workshop will have in place a marine engine, lifeboat engine, emergency generators, exhaust valves, lathe machines, shaping machine, drilling machine, fuel oil purifier, a complete welding unit etc.

IMA Workshop
The workshop activities involved will be as follows :
  • Use and care of hand tools.
  • Measuring equipment and their use.
  • Drilling machine and its use.
  • Use of centre lathe.
  • Use of vertical milling machine.
  • Use of off-hand grinding machine.
  • Metal joining and gas cutting.
  • Mechanical joints including pipe work.
IMA Workshop
The list of Equipment in the workshop of IMA includes :
  1. Generator engine with alternator, power 125 X 2 =250 kVA, 440 VAC with controls for synchronizing and load sharing. These will be working as back up power for IMA campus as well. Battery started.
  2. One set of small internal combustion engine (used life boat engine). This set is not in working condition. It will be used for demonstration of engine parts and components, Propeller and gears.
  3. Air compressor (Oil free type) used for breathing apparatus set (working condition).
  4. Air compressor multistage reciprocating type (working condition).
  5. Purifier.
  6. Centrifugal pump.
  7. Gear pump.
  8. Screw pump.
  9. Hydraulic pump.
  10. Universal lathe machine.
  11. Shaper machine.
  12. Stand drill machine.
  13. Portable drill machine.
  14. Stand grinding machine.
  15. Portable grinding machine.
  16. Welding machine with all accessories.
  17. Gas cutting/welding machine.
  18. Pipe cutting tool.
  19. Pipe bending tool.
  20. First aid kit box.
  21. Fire extinguishers (CO2, Foam & Dry Powder).
  22. Personal protective Aid (Safety goggles, safety shoes, boiler suits, gloves helmets etc).
  23. Marine type four stroke generator engine.
  24. Tanker ship fittings PV valve, tank gauging, tank cleaning machines.
  25. Engine parts for training i.e piston, liner, pins and bearings etc.
  26. High performance turbocharger with tools for training.
IMA Workshop


The following items are available for the control laboratory of IMA :
  1. Multi-Process Control Trainer.
  2. Electro-Hydraulic Trainer.
  3. Reciprocating Pump Test Rig.
  4. Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.
  5. Gear Pump Test Rig.
  6. Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig.
  7. Refrigeration Trainer.

There is resource sharing agreement between Islamic Institute of Technology, Gazipur, to share resource for the purpose of training marine engineering cadets there.

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